Nutrition Coaching

As a nutrition coach, I will surprise you by not talking about diets, calories or whether red meat should be banned from the table. I prefer to focus on “how you eat”, which I believe is more important than “what you eat”.

I often receive requests from people who want to lose weight at lightning speed.For professional reasons, I always refuse.

Dieting to lose weight quickly is like putting on a Band-Aid and then taking a shower – the Band-Aid won’t hold and neither will a quick weight loss diet.

Take your time

Give yourself moments of slowness. It is through these moments that we are able to listen and respect our body’s messages. And it is in this way that we can see healthy, lasting changes that make us feel good about ourselves.

That’s why, in my work, I find it most effective to teach people to take their time at the table. And to not tune out when our bodies tell us they are full.

By learning to eat slowly, we inevitably eat less and better. Now let’s talk about food used as “comfort food”, to suppress certain emotions. I use a simple technique that teaches us to take care of our deepest needs. Because that is where the key lies.

How does a nutrition coaching session work?

Each session is structured in two parts.

We begin with a SlowLife Yoga session, which is a gentle meditative yoga that induces deep relaxation. From this state of calm and tranquility, we begin the second part, where I guide you to understand your real needs so that food is no longer used as a comfort.

Together we explore concrete and effective solutions to create more balance and stability in your life.

The session lasts 90 minutes.

In addition to French, I am fluent in English, German, Russian and of course Italian!

“Moderation is like sobriety: we would like to eat more, but we are afraid to hurt ourselves.”

 – François de La Rochefoucauld – 

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