SlowLife is #quiet luxury

We usually associate the term “luxury “ with material abundance, physical external things… and not always in a positive sense. But luxury is not only that. With Quiet Luxury there is a feeling of being deeply satisfied and perfectly connected to our inner self… a feeling we cultivate from the simple yet most powerful pleasures in our lives.

SlowLife is Quiet Luxury is about using the principles of slowness to integrate quiet luxury into everyday life, it emphasizes the importance of slowing down and enjoying the simple pleasures of life and is about creating a more intentional and fulfilling life that brings joy and fulfillment.

In our time together I’ll create a space of quiet luxury for us to identify what this means for you and how to cultivate it in your daily life.

For this purpose I’ve developed two unique and complementary approaches: SlowLife Coaching and SlowLife Yoga.

I’m a SlowLife Coach based in Florence Italy, sharing my philosophy of slowness in Tuscany and throughout the world.
Through in person and online Experiences and Retreats, I support my clients to understand their capacity for slowness and how to incorporate this in every daylife.

SlowLife Coaching

Your SlowLife Coaching appointment begins with a session of SlowLife Yoga to relax first body and then mind; from here we identify your deepest needs, understand what really matters and develop strategies to achieve this in the context of slowness and quiet luxury. The session is completely personalised to you and your needs.

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Nutrition Coaching

In SlowLife Coaching I often find a common area of difficulty is around our relationship with nutrition and for many people this is one of comfort and imbalance rather than health and enjoyment. If this is an area of interest for you, in a focused Nutrition Coaching session we’ll explore your nutrition relationship and develop strategies to  regain balance, health and enjoyment.

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SlowLife Yoga

Your SlowLife Yoga session is a gentle movement based practise where you learn to be kind with yourself and reconnect to the needs of your body. You will learn simple techniques to release tension and pain, become more easeful, focused and centred, and experience the simplicity of quiet luxury through your own yoga practise.

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Corporate SlowLife

Corporate SlowLife is Coaching and Yoga specifically for the working context. Companies, teams, individuals, anyone who would like to use the principles of slowness and quiet luxury, to address the challenges of working life that can leave us physically and mentally stressed.

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Workshops & Retreats

SlowLife Retreats 2024

This summer and autumn I’m offering two SlowLife Retreats. In June and September, still in the same magical, very quiet luxury location, in the hills of Tuscany, just a few kilometers from the sea… I invite you to pause for a SlowLife moment of #quietluxury. Connect with your capacity for slowness and discover the little pleasures of quiet luxury. With pampering, gentle movement, meditation and quiet reflection you will enjoy three beautiful slow days and come away rested, centred and with the tools to integrate moments of quiet luxury in every day life.

Summer Retreat

Zen Superwoman

In this interactive conference I will guide you in a series of calming SlowLife Yoga movements that every Superwoman deserves to relieve the tension built up from wearing so many hats and juggling so many responsibilities, all with an attitude of perfection.

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Corporate Experiences

Discover the effectiveness of the SlowLife Coaching & SlowLife Yoga method through various inspiring options.   From small to large teams, each SlowLife Experience is customized to your unique corporate situation.

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SlowLife Experiences

Immerse yourself in an inspiring moment of SlowLife in a space curated personally just for you or your group.

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