Listening to your Body, Respecting your Needs

My Approach

After more than 20 years of personal practise I truly appreciate the quiet instruction of my Teacher who said “you don’t need to do anything”. I understand that our natural breath does all the work, our only job is to let this be so; to gently listen and let the body lead the way.

This is the basis on which I founded SlowLife Yoga – nothing to do with acrobatic positions and everything to do with kindness and listening to our bodies. This gentle meditative yoga is an important support in our frenetic society where being kind to ourselves is often the very last thing on our list (if there at all!).

In SlowLife Yoga we cultivate the ability to listen with awareness, kindness and curiosity to the messages of our bodies… and only from here can we act in ways that respect our deepest needs.

To my students I always say “don’t leave your comfort zone”. We have ample opportunity to do this in every other aspect of our lives… but here on the mat, listen… listen deeply to the messages of your body… don’t accept pain.
Your body does not want to suffer…. listen, and respond with gentleness, what does your body need? Right now in this very moment?

My Personal Practise

My father always said that luxury belongs to those who wake early in the morning and this is why I love to practise at the crack of dawn… in the very depths of a new days sacred silence. This is how I begin my first conversation with the day. It is here that I’m reminded of my priorities and my deepest needs.

Practise with Me

Every Tuesday at 7pm (CET) on Zoom I lead a small international group of likeminded yogi’s in a 90 minute session of SlowLife Yoga. In the comfort of your own environment I guide you through a series of gentle yet effective SlowLife postures. I invite you to join us and see how this practise can support you. Absolutely no yoga experience is necessary… just a willingness to slow down, listen to your body and connect with what is most important to you.

Our sessions are held in English but as a fluent Italian, French, German and Russian speaker I welcome anyone for whom English may be a second language.

I also lead SlowLife sessions with individuals and private groups and welcome any enquiries in this regard.

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