In addition to a range of SlowLife Retreats and Experiences, I also support Stressed Super Women to become Zen Super Women. I accompany CEO’s and Managers in need of rest, dreaming of slowness and time for themselves.

SlowLife Conference

Rewriting the story of your Superwoman…
Let’s write it together!

What does your ideal Superwoman look like?

Are you intrigued to offer an inspiring Experience to the women of your organisation/association?
What about exploring the exciting universe of the Superwoman Syndrome in a playful way?
In this interactive conference I will guide you in a series of calming SlowLife Yoga movements that every Superwoman deserves to relieve the tension built up from wearing so many hats and juggling so many responsibilities, all with an attitude of perfection.

In a supportive and playful way we will explore our daily habits which contribute to this Superwoman syndrome that often leads to chronic fatigue, feelings of overwhelm and frustration.

Using the principles of slowness, through SlowLife Coaching, I will guide you in discovering practical tools and techniques to overcome this syndrome.

This Experience will leave our participants with a clear idea of what’s important to them and how they can achieve a more sustainable Superwoman daily life.

This Experience can be done online or in-person. From small to large groups, your SlowLife Experience is customized to your unique situation. Prior to your conference we will have a video call to establish the key areas you’d like us to focus on during your Experience. Following your session participants will receive some resources to support an ongoing practice and also a Slowlife Booklet as inspiration for overcoming the Superwoman syndrome.

Please contact me so I can create an offer tailored to your needs.


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